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About Critter Mama Rescue

We officially began Critter Mama Rescue as a Florida Non Profit Corporation on July 30, 2013. President Robin Roberts has many of our Adoptable Critters living in her home along with her own Cocker Spaniel Bella B. Speckled, her Rat Terrier Madelyn and Trixie her rescued long haired Tortie Cat. Secretary Chris Guiley and husband Don have Gizzy a Pekinese and two rescued cats. Charlotte Clark, our Treasurer lives with her husband Alan and no pets due to their work schedules and traveling to visit their 2 children in college.

We try to rescue only dogs but occasionally a cat or kitten comes into our group. All Critters live in private homes as household pets. Typically, there are other family pets in the homes, too. Our Critters do not spend their lives in kennels, crates or a dog run. They all get to play supervised in fenced back yards, sleep in our beds or have their own dog bed and they get lots of love and attention. All Critters learn to get along with others!

We don’t believe we can “save them all”. There are simply too many dogs and cats in our area due to lack of owners not spaying or neutering their own pets. We also do not pull from area Shelters or have dogs brought in from other states. There are more than enough animals needing care and good homes right here. We are not a commercial shelter nor do we house 20-100+ animals at a time.

We are a No-Kill Rescue which means we will keep a Critter forever if we cannot place it in a perfect forever home. That also means we need funds to care for these long term un-adoptable or hard-to-adopt animals for their entire lives. Foster Homes can sometimes care for these “special” dogs, too. We’re always looking for great Fosters!

With YOUR financial support and Donations of food, treats, cleaning supplies, beds, toys, etc we are successful in taking in small dogs from the far south end of Hillsborough County. Our handful of dedicated Volunteers help us do all this so these family pets don’t end up in a County Shelter or continue to roam our streets and continue to make more homeless puppies in the southern most area of Hillsborough County,
With your monetary donations we provide each animal an initial Veterinarian check-up, all their annual shots, any necessary blood work for specific diseases or challenges, a Microchip (if not already chipped), Vet Rx Flea and Heartworm preventive monthly, have them spayed or neutered (if not already done) and get them happy and socialized to be able to go to their Forever Homes!

Currently, Private monetary donations and Gift Cards are our only funding sources. Our Volunteers help us for area Fundraisers, we attend local events and are an active part of our Community. We take all Credit Cards, PayPal, Cash, Coins and Checks.

We need additional Board Members! It’s time for a new Secretary and Treasurer. If you might be interested give us a call 813-507-0509, leave a message! We pray that funds will continue to come in as our Critters move in and out from us!!!

We do work with other area Rescuers, share local “lost and found” pets on our Facebook page, post articles of interest, pet food recall notices, training tips and other important information about dogs and cats and their humans. And we are definitely proponents of spaying and neutering!

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